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Is a Cross-Chain DEX built on top of Polkadot through Avem's parachain. Is the regulated DEX where retail and institutions can do swaps and much more. Cross-Chain is key to achieve a 360º ecosystem with the aim of swapping as many tokens as possible.

Security tokens

Traditional assets taken into the blockchain, such as stocks, equity, bonds and real estate

Utility Token

Tokens with use and economic case inside the blockchain

FIAT in/out

Investors are available to deposit Fiat and exchange it to cryptocurrencies

Debit card from Avem Pro

A card is being provided allowing users to spend their cryptos in an easy way

Possibility of Limit and Market orders

The user/institution has the power to entry and exit a cryptocurrency at any price by allowing limit and market orders

Order Books

The pro version will have order books instead of Automated Market Makers (AMM)

Liquidity is provided by whitelisted Market Makers

Market Makers fill the orders in order to not have slippage

KYC Users & KYB Institutions

Users have to KYC/KYB in order to enter Avem Pro

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Lending and Borrowing

Is a new concept of Lending and Borrowing, users can collateralize their lending with much more than utility tokens. Is also possible to collateralize it with security tokens (such as a house) or a plot of land in a Metaverse (Decentraland, The Sandbox, etc.).

Borrow and Lend cryptocurrencies in a safe P2P platform

Avem will enable the platform and act as a mediator

Collateralize with utility, securities or NFTs

Possibility to collateralize the borrows with different kind of tokens

Compliance with investors

All steps are verified because compliance is a key element for Avem

KYC Users & KYB Institutions

Users have to KYC/KYB in order to enter Lending and Borrowing

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Accelerator Platform

The Accelerator platform model consists in offering investors who have blocked tokens, the opportunity to enter a pre-sale with a specific amount of capital, in order the new project can raise money.

Launch of TOP tier projects in the Polkadot ecosystem

Only quality projects with a high standard are launched

Lock Avem Tokens

Investors need to lock Avem tokens in the IDO pool of their choice for a certain period of time to be able to contribute

Guaranteed allocations

The amount of IDO tokens received will be proportional to the number of Avem tokens locked in the total pool

KYC Users

Users have to KYC in order to enter the accelerator platform

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Node Staking

Avem network runs thanks to collator nodes that are validated through a delegated proof of stake

Nominated Collators

Investors nominate nodes directly through their staking power

Institutional Nodes

Part of the blockchain network is made up of institutional nodes that strongly support the infrastructure

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The concept of Avem NFTs is based on creating something different and innovative in the Non-fungible tokens sector, starting from several products that we will implemented in our platform

Utility NFTs

NFTs with economic functionalities and advantages inside the Avem platform

Art Innovation

New designs and characteristics for different NFTs

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Avem's governance system will progressively end up completely in the hands of its holders and the community. This system will allow distributed decision-making through the Polkadot ecosystems, with their respective parachains.

Decision Power

Power is given to users who do staking apart from the rewards

Voting Councils

Several councils providing the user to elect different proposals

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