The Institutional DeFi Infrastructure

Avem is aiming to be a Layer 1 Blockchain built on top of Polkadot as a Decentralized Parachain. It will offer financial bankable products to its users, both retail and institutional, in an interoperable and scalable way.

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Regulated infrastructure

The Avem coin represents a Blockchain aiming to be regulated in Switzerland.

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Security tokens

Avem is aiming to have the capacity and licences to trade and custody security tokens in it's platform.

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Avem is aiming to be a Parachain on top of Polkadot allowing the Layer 1 to be fully cross-chain.

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One Stop DeFi Shop on Polkadot Ecosystem

Avem is the Cross-Chain investor's connection to the next DeFi generation, merging Retail and Institutional products.

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Avem Ecosystem



Cross-Chain DEX with order book allowing utility and security tokens


Lending & Borrowing

Collateralized with Utilities, Securities and NFTs


Accelerator Platform

Invest in top tier Polkadot projects



Utility NFTs providing advantages in Avem protocol


Node Staking

Avem network runs thanks to collator nodes that are validated through a Delegated Proof of Staking (DPoS)



Power of decision through your Avem tokens

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What Sets us Apart

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Infrastructure Coin

The Avem Coin is a utility coin which is used to pay the gas fees of the Avem Parachain

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STOs to Trade & Custody

Securities are implemented in the protocol allowing KYC Retail and KYB Institutions

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Compliance DeFi protocol

Regulations to DEXs are carried out by allowing the platform to connect with Hybrid Wallets

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Allowing users to provide liquidity

Liquidity pools are maintained and yield farming is eliminated in order to reduce the sell pressure

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